UNT Equity & Diversity Conference Workshops

17th Annual Equity & Diversity Conference
February 23, 2017 | University of North Texas

Theme: Social Justice: A Movement Not a Moment
The 2017 Equity & Diversity Conference featured workshops on topics related to (1) Bias Awareness (2) Discrimination Policies & Practices (3) Gender & Gender Identity (4) Race & Ethnicity and (5) Social Justice Education.

Workshops included:

  • Ableism: What It Is and Why It Matters to Everyone
  • GENECIS: Challenging Injustice, Valuing Diversity in a Pediatric Transgender Program
  • R&B (Racial Biases): Misperceptions of Domestic Violence for Women of Color
  • Avoiding Sabotage of Diversity and Inclusion Learning Experiences
  • "But…I didn't mean it like THAT:" Intent vs. Impact
  • The First Step: Pre-service Teachers' Understanding of White Privilege
  • Self-Care for Advocates, Activists, and Accomplices

Workshops were 50 to 75 minutes, and ranged from beginner to intermediate.