Teresita Hurtado-Ramos

Teresita Hurtado Ramos joined the Office of Diversity and Inclusion as the assistant director in February 2017. Her primary responsibilities include training and program delivery, developing strategic partnerships, and assisting with assessments and reports.

Multicultural Center

Pride Alliance

Multicultural Center

Pride Alliance

Dr. Frances E. Kendall, author of the chapter “A White Woman Talks to Other White Women” in Dr. Karen Dace’s book Unlikely Allies in the Academy: Women of Color and White Women in Conversation continues last fall’s discussion and begins facilitating meaningful dialogue about coalition and trust building to cultivate allies towards building a more inclusive and equitable UNT. Registration is open to ALL UNT faculty, staff and students regardless of gender or role. A special session for members of UNT’s identity-based organizations will follow the lunch address to begin discussions about long-term efforts to develop bonding and bridging capital.

We recommend downloading the presentation by Dr. Karen Dace and reading through her topic regarding topics aimed at faculty women and professional staff women including cultural humility, intersectionality and improving our inclusive climate here at UNT.

OEO Training Topics

OEO offers in-person training on matters related to equal opportunity and discrimination. These are the training topics we offer:

Title IX / Preventing Sexual Misconduct
Covers the various forms of sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment), the obligation to report, bystander intervention and the university’s response

General EEO Principles
Covers various forms of discrimination (including racial, gender-related, age, religion), prevention tactics and acceptable methods of response

EEO Principles for Supervisors
Covers various forms of discrimination (including racial, gender-related, age, religious), prevention tactics and acceptable methods of response from the supervisor’s perspective

Search Committee Training
Covers the issues of equity and diversity that must be considered in recruitment of new employees, including writing a job description, posting a job announcement, reviewing applicants and interviewing candidates

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Equal Opportunity Online Compliance Training

OEO offers Title IX/Sexual Misconduct training, and Anti-Discrimination training to university employees through online modules. If you received an email from OEO assigning you to an online/electronic training, please click the button below to log in:

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