Equity & Diversity Newsletter

December, 2019

September, 2019

On August 28, 1963, Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous, “I have a Dream” Speech at the March on Washington. This pivotal moment in history not only helped bring the Civil Rights Movement even more to the forefront, it also pressured Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act, which they did the following year, on July 2, 1964.

April, 2019

"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark."

March, 2019

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, <br />but on building the new." — Socrates

February, 2019

"An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." — Martin Luther King, Jr.