Climate Survey Results

Campus Inclusion Climate Survey reaches unprecedented levels of response rates!

While early in the analysis process, initial response patterns allow UNT leadership to be confident in their ability to generalize findings effectively across the various populations surveyed. A big THANK YOU to all of the faculty, staff, students, and administrators that participated in the Campus Inclusion Climate Survey, and to our Climate Survey Planning Committee, volunteers and campus partners that helped to make it a success! UNT response rates were congruent with acceptable social science standards for assessment and according to Campus Climate Surveys LLC, UNT has achieved the highest response rates for any institutions they have administered surveys for in the past.

% of Responses across the University Community by Population Type

Population Type Total Responses % Responded 95% Confidence Interval
Student 38,556 3,545 9.2% +/- 1.56 pts
Faculty 1,653 393 23.7% +/- 4.32 pts
Staff 2,061 796 38.6% +/- 2.8 pts
Administrator 476 306 64.2% +/- 3.35 pts

Note: UNT Faculty, Staff, Administrator Population Totals and programming methodology provided by the UNT System Human Resources Information Services group in Fall, 2018. Confidence interval calculations were derived for table 1.1 and 1.2 using tools available from here.

Follow @DiversityUNT for details on incentive distribution to faculty, staff students, and administrators and other updates. The grand prize of the 2018 Honda Civic will be revealed at the 2019 Equity and Diversity Conference! The Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity continues to work with Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research to determine initial findings and pursue subsequent focus groups in the spring semester. Data presentations will follow to colleges and divisions. Stay tuned for updates as we continue the path of awareness, engagement and action towards intentional equity and inclusion.

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