Anti-Racism Statement

The Pride Alliance would like to send a warm welcome to the University of North Texas students, faculty, and staff who are returning to campus for the 2017-2018 school year! We are excited to start our fourth year as an office on UNT’s campus and for the opportunity to work alongside all of you to explore and create possibilities around gender and sexuality.

In addition to our focus on gender and sexuality, the Pride Alliance is committed to centering racial justice and anti-racism in the programs, trainings, services, and spaces that fall within our purview. We are also committed to advocating for and demanding racial justice in the work we do with our campus and community partners who share our spaces. By centering the lives and experiences of our students of color, those that exist at the intersections of greatest oppression, the greatest amount of people will be included and experience justice and equity.

Spaces that focus on gender and sexuality are not free of racism, and it is essential for us to interrogate, challenge, disrupt, and dismantle the ways in which white supremacy and white privilege show up in the actions of our staff, students, colleagues, and everything that is a product of our office. It is our intention to continue to examine our policies and practices and recognize that we will never be "done" with work that strives toward racial justice. We are accountable to the students we serve to remain open and receptive to feedback and continued conversation and to be transparent in our actions and the ways in which we take responsibility for racial justice.

The Pride Alliance strives to remain a brave space that is a place of comfort for all UNT community members.

The Pride Alliance