Spring Multicultural Graduation

People of Nia

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The People of Nia Celebration was created by the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) and Black Student Alliance (BSA) at Iowa State University in 1997. As a proactive strategy, the organizations decided to focus on targeted student profiles that were not only surviving at the institution, but were doing well academically and were on track to graduate. They felt it was crucial to restore the pride, heritage, and sense of purpose that their ancestry passed on to them throughout history. As a result, the Black students named the ceremony Nia, which is the fifth principle of Kwanzaa, which means “purpose.” With the assistance of student leaders from organizations like the Progressive Black Student Organization and the NAACP the People of Nia celebrations have been occurring on UNT’s campus since 2012. The Multicultural Center along with the Division of Institutional Equity & Diversity are the official sponsor of all Multicultural ceremonies on campus.

La Raza

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La Raza Graduation is a graduation celebration that features traditions of the Latino culture. The ceremony includes various Latino cultural elements and graduates are given the opportunity to publicly thank individuals who have helped them throughout their educational career. La Raza Graduation is a chance for friends and family to join students in celebrating their success at navigating the challenges of college in the spirit of Latino culture.

La Raza Graduation Celebration was originally created by Latino students, staff, and faculty at University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1973. It was a proactive strategy to restore pride, heritage, and sense of purpose to Latino students.

Today, La Raza Graduation has spread to many campuses. At the University of North Texas (UNT), the first-ever Raza Graduation occurred in 2012. It was organized by a small group of committed individuals from a student organization called MUEVE who formed partnerships with faculty, students, and staff to organize the event. The Multicultural Center along with the Division of Institutional Equity & Diversity has adopted the graduation as part of their yearly programming with MUEVE’s approval. They continue to work with MUEVE so the graduation can remain student led.

Multicultural Stole

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Multicultural stoles are for identity groups not listed above and can include but are not limited to: Asian/Pacific Islander, American Indian, multiracial identities, etc.

At this time, there is not a specific ceremony for students who register for a multicultural stole. Instead, we will confirm with you by April 17th to confirm your registration and where to come and pick up your stole.